Some pictures taken at the time we were setting up Get Out Of The kitchen. Some of them will give you a good reference to gain an access to the route or to the top of Bukit Takun via Campground. From the Campground, you have to climb up to the first ledge then head left (with some bolts) to a point from where you can rope off. Continue to walk and scramble following faint paint markings all the way to the top. Nice view but sometimes exposed. Mind the sharp rock.

Some pictures taken from the route

And then, here is a very exciting 20 minute long video of abseiling from the top of Bukit Takun via Get Out Of The Kitchen (At least, you can enjoy the music of Radiohead to counter the boredom). We took the option of rappelling from the top of pitch 6 directly to the end of pitch 3 (aka the cramp cave). This is the fastest way but you really have to be careful:

  • Rope snagging in the trees and sharp rock while trying to retrieve it at the the end of the abseil
  • You need at least 2x 60m ropes, 70m better for peace of mind…
  • This is overhanging… push yourself away from the rock before entering the last section or you will end up into thin air and forced to jummar/prusik back up…

And, as a bonus, here is the walk in to the crag… Be aware of the dog just before reaching the jungle. This section is called the “dog crux” and there is even a route named after it: “Safegard”.

Bukit Takun, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Part3: Get Out Of The Kitchen 6b+/A0 – 7a+, Pictures and videos
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