American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA) Videos


Climb Safe Index by Rock and Ice

Choosing the Right Carabiner

Connecting Two Slings Together

Dangers of Rope Worn Carabiners

Dangers of Worn Lowering Anchors

Do Ropes Need to Rest Between Falls

Draws in a Gym

Extending a Cam Sling

Gear Doesn’t Last Forever—Crampons

Gear Doesn’t Last Forever—Ice Tool Picks

How Sketchy Is a Sharp-Edged Carabiner?

How Strong are Himalayan Fixed Lines?

How Strong is the Spinner Leash?

Retiring Old Ropes

Weakness of Nose-hooked Carabiners

Worn Anchors

Worn Belay Loops and Retiring a Harness

Prusik advice from Ropelab

How NOT to do a prusik

How NOT to prussik




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