Chris McNamara is the founder and publisher of the Supertopo website. He is one of the most accomplished big wall climber. Climbing Magazine once computed that three percent of his time on earth has been spent on the face of El Capitan… Not only his website provides tons of useful information but he also wrote a book called How to Big Wall Climb. This book is a real bible. It provides all the basic and more advanced techniques on aiding and undertaking long adventurous routes. We highly recommend this book if you’re thinking of getting into big wall climbing. You won’t regret it, it is worth every single cents…

buy it here (view a free sample here)

His youtube channel has also a lot of resources that come in addition to the book. We have compiled here the best ones. Just check that out.

And remember: don’t learn by yourself these techniques.You should always obtain professional instruction from a licensed, reputable source, such as a guide, a school, or service.


Other good reads for big walls include

Read also a very good paper on climbing safety (Yosewmite) by John Dill